Fast and effective recovery from injury or surgery

Our highly experienced team will support your rehabilitation right through to full recovery.

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We treat each client as an individual

By incorporating a multi directional approach we can help ensure a return to sport or a high level of functional activity.

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If you struggle to get to us, we'll come to you

Home visits are usually arranged with individuals who have difficulty attending clinic due to limited mobility.

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Initial Assessment

Your sports therapist will perform a thorough examination of the injury and then recommend the appropriate treatment where necessary.

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Treatment & Rehabilitation

We will help you regain normal function as soon as possible after injury or surgery so you can return to your normal everyday sport or activity.

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Injury Prevention

After we have helped you back to full recovery our therapists will recommend appropriate follow up treatments where necessary to avoid re-injury.

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About Us

We provide a highly personalised service for the treatment of all types of injury.

Whether it's an injury from sport, work or everyday life, our staff's experience allows them to quickly identify and address the issue and adapt your treatment accordingly. We treat each customer as an individual, regardless of age or physical ability, and, by incorporating a multi directional approach, we can help ensure a return to sport, work or a high level of functional activity as quickly as possible. We specialise in back pain, stiff necks/headaches, muscular injuries, knee injuries and ankle injures.

Sports Therapy

Sports therapy isn’t just for sporting professionals and athletes, everyone can benefit from our treatment.

Whether you are a builder suffering from lower back pain to a carer who spends hours on your feet, we provide a high quality, personalised service for the treatment of all types of injury by incorporating a multi-directional approach. So, regardless of age or ability we can help towards a return to sport or a high level of functional activity.

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Opening Hours

We are open four days a week:

Monday:10am - 8pm
Tuesday:Varies - contact us for details
Wednesday:10am - 8pm
Thursday:Varies - contact us for details
Friday:10am - 8pm
Saturday:9am - 12pm